3 Things To Do After Bringing Bed Bugs Home From A Hotel

24 October 2019
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When you head home from a vacation, you probably want to bring home souvenirs, photos and memories. You might have brought home something else that you really didn't want to bring home, though: bed bugs. Because of the many people who spend the night in hotels, it's easy for bed bugs to find their way into the mattresses and carpet in a hotel room. Then, they can latch onto clothing and luggage of guests that stay there. Read More 

Why Hire A Security Company To Protect Your Company

29 December 2016
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Running a business is a large investment. It takes a lot of your time, as well as a lot of your money. As with any investment, you should make sure it is protected. This includes looking at all types of security, and hiring a company that specializes in protection will give you the best deterrent for crimes. Benefits of Hiring Security Obviously, the biggest perk for your company with hiring a security company is the fact you do not have to worry about how to set everything up, or what you really need. Read More 

Tips For Cleaning Up After A Minor Flood

30 November 2016
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Water damage can happen from a number of ways, be it from storm water, a leak, or a sewer problem. No matter how it happens, water damage can ruin your belongings, furnishings and structural components of your home. Major water damage to your home may require complete replacement, but minor damage can be repaired. It's a big messy job, but it can be done. See below for tips on how to clean up after a minor flood in your home. Read More 

Three Ways To Make Your Home More Secure After A Break In Has Occurred

9 August 2016
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Having someone break into your home can make you feel very violated and unsafe. It gives you a sense of insecurity that can be very hard to shake. If you have recently had someone break into your home, use the guide below to learn what steps to take to restore your feeling of security and keep your home as safe as possible at all times. Hire a Contractor The first thing you need to do is you need to hire a contractor to repair any damage that the criminal did when they broke into your home. Read More 

Properly Caring for an Oriental Rug

8 April 2016
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If you own an oriental rug, you most likely enjoy the vibrant coloring and exquisite look it gives to your home. Caring for an oriental rug needs to be done with care, as it is comprised of delicate fibers and ink known to bleed if it gets wet. Here are some instructions you can follow when doing routine cleanings of your rug so it stays in the best possible condition for years to come. Vacuum Your Rug to Remove Surface Dirt Read More