Tips For Cleaning Up After A Minor Flood

30 November 2016
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Water damage can happen from a number of ways, be it from storm water, a leak, or a sewer problem. No matter how it happens, water damage can ruin your belongings, furnishings and structural components of your home. Major water damage to your home may require complete replacement, but minor damage can be repaired. It's a big messy job, but it can be done. See below for tips on how to clean up after a minor flood in your home.

1. Stop The Water

Find the source of the water first and then figure out how to stop it. It's silly to try and clean up the damage if the water can still come in and do further damage. Once you have figured out how to stop the water, you can begin the process of cleaning up.

2. Remove The Water

Remove the water from your home using a submersible water pump and long hose to pump it out of your home. Pump out as much water as you can, then use a wet/dry vacuum to vacuum up any excess that can no longer be pumped out. 

3. Take Out Damaged Items

Take water damaged items outside to dry out. Clothing can be cleaned, as can furniture, but some things such as carpeting either needs to be thrown out or contact a professional carpet cleaning company to have it steam cleaned if the water damage is not too severe. If carpeting was submerged in water, it's best to take out the carpet and the padding below and dispose of them.

4. Keep Your Home Dry

Try your best to keep your home as dry as possible. Turn on the air conditioner to help keep the humidity at bay. Humidity will only help the growth of mold/mildew after a flood. Also use fans to help keep the air dry and to help dry out your home.

5. Cut Out Water Damaged Drywall

If your water damaged walls, you may need to cut out drywall and have it replaced. Cut out the wet sections, then, using a bleach/water solution, wash down the studs behind the drywall to help prevent mold/mildew growth. This needs to be done immediately, as mold/mildew can grow quickly. Don't replace any drywall until the studs have been cleaned properly and have dried out completely. If the sub-floor has water damage, be sure to paint it using a mold preventative paint. You can use this paint on the wall studs as well after washing them down. 

Water damage to your home can be extremely frustrating. Call your insurance company after a flood, whether it is major or minor, and call a professional cleaning service that specializes in water damage to have your home professionally cleaned. They can sanitize your home, furnishings and carpeting to make it safe again.