Effective Communication By Property Management Services Reduces Tenant Turnover

26 July 2021
 Categories: Real Estate, Blog

Sometimes the main issue in managing a multi-family rental complex is communication. Effective communication can boost resident satisfaction and retention. That prevents frequent turnover, which is costly for the owner. Communication is essential for preventing and solving problems that develop among residents who have disagreements. Hiring a property management service can be the key to keep everything running smoothly.

An apartment complex owner probably hears about several strategies for encouraging residents to renew their leases. Financial incentives are common examples. However, providing a satisfactory living situation is the main factor to encourage renters to stay. People who plan to continue living in the same area don't want the inconvenience of moving if they aren't seeking a specific change.

Repair and Maintenance Service

A property management company encourages tenants to make contact whenever anything needs to be fixed. The company makes sure repairs are completed promptly. Routine maintenance, including cleaning of public areas and lawn service, is done routinely so the place never looks neglected.

Addressing Valid Complaints

Residents want to know that if they make a valid complaint about another tenant that their concerns will be addressed. For instance, someone who ignores the rules about quiet hours can cause significant annoyance. If residents complain but the situation continues, they are more likely to look for a new home.

Communicating With the Group

Property managers can communicate with residents as a group by putting up flyers in common areas. This is an effective way of letting everyone know about upcoming changes or some type of disruption. For instance, tenants appreciate knowing ahead of time that the building hallways and other common areas are going to be painted during the next week.

Turnover Issues

Every time tenants move out, the landlord spends money getting the unit ready for new residents. If an apartment stays vacant for half a month or longer, that one turnover becomes increasingly expensive because of lost rental income. In cities with substantial competition among multi-family building opportunities, the landlord may need to offer incentives. One advantage of having a property manager is that company takes responsibility for advertising and showing the apartment to interested individuals. The manager also returns security deposits to previous tenants and collects the rent.

Saving Time and Money

A person who has bought investment property can save substantial time and money by hiring a property management company. Their work is well worth the fees paid for the service.