Should You Consider Selling Your Home To A "We Buy Houses" Company?

16 December 2019
 Categories: Real Estate, Blog

You might see signs, ads, billboards, and advertisements from companies that are in the business of buying houses, and these ads often say "We Buy Houses." If you have a house you need to sell, you might be wondering if selling to a company like this is the right move for you. Well, the truth is that it is often a great move for a homeowner, and here are several signs that can help you know that this is a great option for you to consider.

You need the house sold ASAP

The most obvious sign that this is a good option is if you need to sell right now — like today. Do you desperately need to get out of the loan you have on the house? Is your lender about to foreclose? Do you need cash now to pay for a vital expense in life? There are a lot of reasons people need to sell their homes immediately, and the only way you can really make this happen is by finding a company that buys homes and choosing to sell to them. A company that offers this can get the deal closed within a week in most cases. If closing in a week would solve your problem, then this is your solution.

You want to sell your home "as-is"

The second sign to help you know that this is a good idea is if you hope to sell as-is. If you cannot afford to put cash in the house or simply do not want to, but instead want to sell the house as it currently is, then you would want to sell as-is. A company like this will buy your home as-is and will not ask you to do anything except move out by the closing date.

You are not worried about making a lot of money

The other consideration is the profit you make. If you have some equity in the home and do not care if you walk away without making a ton of money, this is another sign that selling like this is a good option for you.

Do you need to sell ASAP and want to sell as-is? If so, and if you are not hoping to make a ton of money on it, selling to a "We Buy Houses" company is probably your best option. You can contact a company that offers this service to learn more about the price they will pay for it and the process of selling your house to them.