3 Things Your Agent Should Be Doing To Help Sell Your House

20 October 2017
 Categories: Real Estate, Blog

Selling a house can be quite overwhelming, which is why realtors are often hired to tackle this very important job. You will know that you found a good realtor if they do these three things for you.

Help Stage Your Home

You do not need to have an empty home to get assistance with staging. There is a lot that can be done with what is in your home to make it look a lot better. A good real estate agent will walk through your home with you and let you know what sort of staging should be done.

For example, you may be told to remove family portraits on the wall and to replace them with images that are more generic looking. This will help a buyer see themselves in your home, rather than view it as another person's home. You may also be told to declutter so it does not look like you are lacking for places to store things.

Staging also extends to the exterior of your home. Since the first impression you will make on a buyer is your front yard, you may be told how to improve the look of your home's exterior in the most effective ways.


Advertising a home for sale has drastically changed over the years. It is not enough to list your home on the MLS and hope for the best, since word must get out that your home is for sale. Advertising can range from networking with other agents that have buyers looking for homes to using social media and online advertising to target buyers that are in your area and are house hunting.

There are also modern techniques that can be used to advertise, such as virtual tours of the home, so that people can take a look without needing to schedule an appointment for a viewing.

Host an Open House

An open house is not something you should host on your own. Buyers tend to get a bit shy browsing and talking in a home when they know that the owner is listening in and following them around the home. Your agent should offer to host an open house to get people out to your home and take a look.

These are just a few techniques that a real estate agent can use to get a buyer interested in making an offer. Meet with a local agent and ask them about what other techniques they have in mind or to have any other questions about preparing real estate homes for sale.