3 Ways To Spruce Up Your Online Real Estate Listing

12 January 2017
 Categories: Real Estate, Blog

One of the biggest mistakes you could make in your attempts to sell your home is to not list your home online. Many homebuyers begin their searches on the Internet, and if your home is not listed, you could be inadvertently shrinking your number of interested persons. Since the Internet is flooded with home listings, you want to make sure yours stands out. Here are some ways you can do that.  

Select High Quality Images

It is customary to include several images of a home with its listing. The images are the first chance that potential buyers have to see your home. The better the images are, the better the impression they will have on your home.  

You can choose to hire a professional to take the pictures or opt to do them yourself. If you do decide to take the images yourself, take several shots of each room. Select the picture with the best quality for your listing. Before taking the pictures, make sure the rooms are well-lit. The light not only helps buyers see the rooms clearly, but they can also help make the rooms appear brighter and larger.  

Push the Eco-Friendliness of Your Home

There is a big movement towards green living. More homebuyers are looking for homes that will help to lessen their impact on the planet and also save them money. If your home has any eco-friendly features, buyers need to know. When detailing your home's eco-friendly features, list them all. Small features, such as low flow fixtures, can sometimes be enough to sway buyers to your home.  

Do Not Forget the Neighborhood

Buyers want to know about the neighborhood before they schedule a tour of your home. Take the time to include a brief summary of your neighborhood. Details, such as the state of the schools and the proximity of the home to stores, can help sell your home. If there are community events that are held in the neighborhood, talk about those in your listing. You want the buyer to feel as if the neighborhood is warm and inviting. If you have some pictures from some of those events, it is fine to include them in the listing.  

Your real estate agent will help you to further craft your listing so that it stands out above the others. He or she can also help with developing other tools to sell your home in a timely manner.