Do's and Don'ts for Your First Meeting with Your Home Selling Agent

10 January 2017
 Categories: Real Estate, Blog

When you are ready to sell your home, you will probably discover that you need a real estate agent to lead the way from putting your home on the market to the final closing. A home selling agent will help you find the right buyer and can assist you in a variety of ways throughout the entire process. When you are trying to choose the right home selling agent for you, consider these do's and don'ts for your initial meeting with the real estate agent.

Do Discuss Your Willingness to Settle and Flexibility

Since your real estate agent has your best interests in mind and makes their commission from the price of your home, they are going to try to get you the best price possible. After all, your real estate agent has a vested interest in getting you the highest price possible in the current market. However, they should also know how flexible you can be on the price. Let them know of any special circumstances that prevent you from being able to go below a certain price and discuss other situations that you feel may have an impact on the price of the home.

Don't Request a Certain Type of Buyer

If you prefer that the people who buy your home carry on certain religious traditions or that only a fellow young family inhabit your home, it is best to keep that information to yourself. Your real estate agent will not be able to help you target a certain "type" when selling your home. Federal equal housing laws prevent real estate agents from targeting home buyers based on beliefs or personal attributes. Your reasons for wanting another family to live there may be personal, but it is not possible for your real estate agent to search for buyers based on your personal preferences.

Do Express an Interest in Hearing About All Offers

Since your real estate agent will handle dozens and even hundreds of small tasks related to your home, you may think that asking for a regular update on any and all offers received on the home will be asking too much. However, that is perfectly acceptable. Even if you only want to sell your home at a certain price point, hearing about all offers on your home can give you insight as you hope for your ideal buyer.

Finally, keep in mind that your real estate agent is a caring professional who is on your side throughout the home selling process. It's important to be up front and honest at every step of the journey so the real estate agent is prepared to help frame your home in the best possible light and connect you with just the right buyer for your house.