Things To Know About Your First Home Purchase

9 January 2017
 Categories: Real Estate, Blog

Being a first time home buyer is exciting, whether you are purchasing a one story fixer upper or a sprawling, six-bedroom home. While searching for your first real estate property is dependent on the area that you live, there are some universal principles to buying a home that you can take advantage of. Follow the tips below so that you can purchase the best home for your money. 

Shop For The Best Financing Options

There are a number of finance options that you can key in on when looking for a high quality piece of real estate. Since most people tend to get a standard mortgage, you should explore the many different mortgage options available to you. You can shop for a mortgage online or by walking into a bank branch to shop between their rates. The 30-year mortgage is most common, and these typically come with interest rates that are a little more than 4 percent. You may also research Home Equity Lines of Credit, which allow you to fund the house with credit, similar to a very large credit card. Further, check with credit unions and community banks to see which options they can provide you with. 

Handle The Little Things During The Search Process

When searching for a new home, the little things add up to be very major. Walk through a home you are considering buying many times and envision yourself living there, while also taking a copy of the blueprint. Make sure that you create a list and compare the major points of each option against others to narrow down the ideal home for you. Never close on a home without getting it inspected. The inspection will catch all major issues, ranging from asbestos and foundation problems to roofing and electric. A home inspection will usually cost about $318

Dedicate Yourself To Home Maintenance

Home maintenance is incredibly vital because it keeps your property values very high and makes your home a better place to live. Clean your gutters frequently so that your roof does not get swamped with water, which can create moisture damage. A professional gutter cleaning will cost between $100 and $400. You also need to take care of the landscaping and spruce up your curb appeal, since this plays into the equity you have in your home. Further, always stay on track with your utilities, so that your home remains useful and sound. 

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