3 Tips For Flipping Houses

5 January 2017
 Categories: Real Estate, Blog

During the housing crash, many people who had money to spend decided to flip houses for a profit. In a lot of cases, these people made back their money and more, but in other instances, the investor lost money. Even though the housing market is on the rise, you can still flip houses and make money doing it, if you know what you are doing. Here are some tips for flipping houses that you must know before starting down that road.

1. Do Your Research On The House

First, before you purchase a house to be flipped, you need to have an inspector come in and determine the amount of work to be done on the house. When you walk through, you may just notice things like flooring, bathrooms, and other simple fixes, but there could in fact be far more work than you realize. If there is any problem with the foundation, the structure, or any other major part of the house, you may have just gotten yourself into a bigger project that may not be worth it.

If you decide to purchase a house that needs serious work, you need to make sure that the price reflects it. Otherwise, you will easily pour all of your money into the house and never make it back.

2. Buy In A Hot Location

The key to flipping a house is selling it fast. The longer you hold on to the house, the more money lost. This is why buying in the right location is key. Right now, the housing market is hot. Prices are inflated in desirable areas, and if you are smart, you can purchase a house, take a couple months to fix it, and then turn it around for a profit, but only if it is in a highly desirable area.

3. Pay For The House With As Much Cash As Possible

Lastly, you need to use as much cash as you can for buying the house. You should put down a hefty down payment so that you avoid paying private mortgage insurance. This insurance will only increase your monthly payments, and even if you sell for a profit, all that money you lost in interest and insurance will be money gone. Ideally, you should purchase the house with cash to avoid all interest on the house, but if that isn't an option, at least have the down payment with cash.

By following these tips, you can increase your chances of having a positive experience flipping a house. Visit websites like http://teamgoughrealestate.com to learn more.