Getting Your Home Ready For Sale: Small Changes That Can Improve The Overall Look Of Your Home

30 December 2016
 Categories: Real Estate, Blog

While you may not want to invest tens of thousands of dollars in renovations for your home to prepare it for sale, there are plenty of small changes you can make that can raise your asking price. If your kitchen is outdated or the home needs a number of small repairs, take the time to deal with a new paint job or the small repairs before your home starts getting shown to potential buyers. Even when the repairs are little, potential buyers want to know that you took good care of the home over the years. Give your home a thorough cleaning, and do what you can to make your house shine before you sell real estate.

Replace Cracked or Missing Outlet Covers

If you have that one outlet in the spare bedroom you never got around to fixing, or you have a cracked cover in your entryway, take the time to find new outlet covers that fit. For only a few dollars, you will clean up the look of your wall or switch plate. If you have mismatching outlet covers in one particular room, buy enough to change out the covers in the entire room so they are all the same.

Repair Your Sump Pump

If you have a sump pump in your basement and it hasn't been working correctly, get it fixed before putting your home up for sale. The sump pump removes water from your basement if it floods, and a broken pump will do you no good. When a potential homeowner checks out the sump pump and it doesn't work, they may be concerned that the basement has been subjected to too much moisture.

Make Sure Windows Open Easily

Home buyers are going to check all kinds of things when they come to look at your home. If you have a window painted shut that you never got around to opening, fix it. If you have windows with missing screens, find the replacements. You want your home to look neat and cared for.

Clean Your Appliances Inside and Out

It's not hard to give your appliances a good cleaning inside and out. Even if the appliances are older, they won't be crusted over with old food or smells on the inside. Take the time to clean your appliances thoroughly. This goes the same for your toilets and sinks, too. A clean home is way more appealing to potential home buyers than one that has accumulated dirt and dust.