Reasons To Consider Buying A Home In An Adults-Only Community

16 December 2016
 Categories: Real Estate, Blog

Whether you're about to retire or have finally retired, one of your main priorities might be to buy a home that reflects this big change in your life. While there are many ideal housing situations to consider, including moving into a condo, you might wish to look for an adults-only community in your city. Sometimes advertised as "55+" or "60+" communities, these neighborhoods are marketed to mature adults. There are several reasons that you may wish to consider buying a home in one of these areas. Here are some reasons to consider.

You'll Enjoy More Quiet

One of the chief reasons to move to an adults-only community is that these neighborhoods are often known for being quiet. You're unlikely to find rambunctious children yelling in the yards, teenagers squealing their tires on the roads, and loud music during pool parties. If you look forward to quiet days during your retirement — perhaps sitting on the porch with a newspaper and your morning coffee or quietly tending to your flower garden — you'll find a high degree of tranquility in this sort of living arrangement.

You'll Have A Good Chance To Make Friends

While there's nothing that says people in different age groups can't be friends, you might struggle to find common ground with the young family that lives beside you in your current home. If you move into an adults-only community, you'll instantly be surrounded by people who are peers. This can give you a better chance of finding common interests with those on your street and quickly forming friendships. For example, if you see a group of women out walking each morning, you may approach them and ask to join in if you're an avid walker. Or if you see a male neighbor loading golf clubs into his car, you might invite him for a round of play another day if you're a golfer, too.

You May Find That Many Amenities Are Conveniently Located

Many adults-only communities are built in areas that will allow residents to reach local amenities with ease. This might mean that shops and medical facilities are within walking distance or that the community is adjacent to a golf course or tennis facility. If you enjoy walking, you may be able to reach several places on foot. If you know that you'll eventually give up driving, you may find that the local public transportation system has convenient stops within your neighborhood.

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