Why Is A Land Surveyor Important For A Commercial Land Buyer?

8 December 2016
 Categories: Real Estate, Blog

Out of the many professionals that you can consult on a commercial land buying decision, a land surveyor is one of the last people to approach before closing on a sale. Here are some of the important pieces of information that a land surveyor can provide.

Property Boundaries

First of all, your land surveyor can give you the most accurate map of what the property actually includes. When you're completing a sale, this is important for knowing the actual shape of the land and what your property includes. Down the line, a land survey can be very important if there are disputes with a neighbor about what parts of the land actually belong to you. For instance, if your neighbor wants to build a fence, you can use a land survey to show what property belongs to you versus them. If someone is injured close to your property boundary, a land survey will help clarify whose site the injury actually occurred on for insurance purposes.

Property Rights

A land surveyor will also help you clarify any property rights. If there is a shared amenity, such as a lake that falls on multiple people's property, your land surveyor can do the research to figure out exactly what your rights are to use and building on this shared feature. Property rights can also play a factor in a purchase if you or your neighbors have easements on the land. These contracts can give the holder certain rights to usage of someone else's property, and it's an important thing to understand. If you buy a property that has easements on it, for instance, you'll want to know how long you must honor these contracts and if there is a way to cancel them with the easement holder.

Property Responsibilities

At the same time, you might have responsibilities for upkeep of shared features, such as sidewalks, power lines, and other terrain features. A land survey can help to show how much of these amenities actually fall on your property, which is useful for determining how much liability you have on your property.

Zoning and Building Codes

Zoning codes are another consideration when you're buying a property. A land surveyor can track down a building's history and determine whether there are any building and zoning violations on the property. Understanding the zoning rights on your property will also give you an idea of what you can and can't do with the property in the future, which is especially important for commercial activities.