Looking For The Right Type Of Off Campus Student Housing: 3 Features That Will Help You Excel Academically

22 November 2016
 Categories: Real Estate, Blog

If you missed the deadline to apply for a room in dorms, or if you simply don't want to live on campus, it's crucial that you begin to look for off campus student housing weeks in advance. This will prevent you from being forced to settle for a less than ideal living space. The right type of off campus student housing can actually help you better excel academically. When taking a look at various off campus student housing, here are 3 particular features you will want to consider.

Close Proximity to the School and the Library

Best believe that there'll be days when you wake up late after a long night of studying and need to rush to school. You don't want to stray too far from the campus when looking for off campus student housing. Ideally, you should find a location that is still relatively close and will allow you to get to school using just one bus or with several minutes of driving. Consider the amenities that are nearby as well. Libraries on campus can get crowded and loud quite quickly. Your academics can benefit if there are public libraries nearby.

Soundproof Walls and Private Study Spaces

It's hard to study when there are loud ambient noises in the background. In fact, studies have found that silence is golden when it comes to completing and performing more complicated and complex tasks, so you definitely want to make sure that the off campus student housing can provide you with just that. Look for soundproof walls and the presence of private study places. This is especially true if you're going to be sharing the housing with a roommate. Avoid choosing rooms that face busy streets and look for a quiet neighborhood without a lot of foot or road traffic.

Comfortable Furniture and Bright Lighting

There's a good chance that you will want to look for a place that is already furnished. Not only will this be a lot more convenient for you, but you'll also avoid the costly and tedious process of having to move. Look for comfortable furniture and pay special attention to the lighting offered at the housing. The rooms should have bright lights and plenty of lamps for task lighting. Task lighting will keep you concentrated, keep you focused, and will even reduce eye strain.

If you'll need to shack up with roommates, you'll want to start your search even earlier. This will give you ample time to check the references of potential roommates in order to find ones that you are compatible with. A good roommate can make a world of a difference to your quality of living.

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