Important Things To Fix Before A Home Inspection On Your House For Sale

10 November 2016
 Categories: Real Estate, Blog

Home inspectors are adept at picking out anything that could be a potential problem with a home, which means that if you're attempting to sell your residence, it's a good idea to rectify any obvious problems before anyone schedules an inspection. This important work that you can get done can be the difference between selling your home and not selling it. If you're not sure about the things that you should fix, have your real estate agent tour your home; he or she should be able to pick out the issues that could raise red flags during the home inspection. Here are some common things that stand out in lots of inspections.

Cracked Foundation

Don't think that a cracked foundation will be overlooked by the home inspector; he or she will most certainly identify this issue and bring it to the awareness of the prospective buyers. Cracked foundations can scare buyers away quickly, but you can avoid this potential problem by hiring a contractor to fix the problem. The up-front cost that you incur can be instrumental in helping you sell the home.

Mold In Your Attic

Mold can grow in your attic because of the buildup of moisture. For example, if your dryer is on the upper floor of your home and vents through the attic, a leaky duct can release moisture that is trapped and leads to mold. If you spot this problem, it's a good idea to have a contractor fix it. Home inspectors always check the condition of a home's attic, which means that this issue will turn up in the inspection. Your contractor will scrub away the mold, fix the dryer duct problem, and replace any moldy or otherwise damaged insulation to give your attic a like-new appearance.

Damaged Siding

Damaged siding on a home might primarily be seen as a visual concern, but there's potentially more than meets the eye. When siding is cracked, it can lift off the side of the home during heavy winds. This can allow moisture to seep beneath the siding, causing rot to the wood underneath. If a home inspector identifies damaged siding anywhere on your home, you can bet that he or she will be climbing a ladder to assess the state of the situation. You can avoid such problems by hiring a siding contractor to repair or replace the siding on your home, as well as fix any issues beneath it.

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