Want To Lease An Office Space That Helps You Maximize Productivity? 3 Qualities To Look For

28 October 2016
 Categories: Real Estate, Blog

Many people have great ideas and the ability to bring them to fruition, but it is easy for productivity issues to get in the way. Trying to work from a home office may seem like an excellent idea, but being at home may prevent you from being able to get into the mindset of working. It can become even more challenging if you have children that are at home who may try to grab your attention every now and then. Leasing an office space is the perfect solution, and it will easily give you a chance to work more productively. It is worth looking for qualities that will not just improve your total output, but also help you maximize it.

Coffee and Food

Brewing a pot of coffee in the morning and packing your own lunch might be enough to get you through part of the day, but you will likely need more than that for long work days. It is best when you can find an office building that has at least one of three coffee solutions: a shared break room with a coffee maker, a coffee shop in the building, or a coffee shop within close walking distance. As for food, you can greatly benefit from a shared kitchen where you can make your own food. But, this takes time, so being able to have food delivered when you are extremely busy is great for maximizing productivity.

Public Transit

Driving to work is either quick and easy or time-consuming and frustrating, depending on the time. If you get on the road when most other people are driving, you will have a lot of traffic to deal with. To avoid sitting in traffic, waiting through accidents, and always getting to work at a different time, you can just look for an office building that allows you to take public transportation all the way. While buses work, you will find that light rail and subway systems are the most reliable, as they run on a tight schedule.

Natural Lighting

When it comes to the office itself, there are a number of things that can affect productivity. One feature that you should make a top priority is natural lighting, which you want a lot of. Numerous studies have shown that it improves productivity of workers. It is not necessary to lease an office on a high floor to enjoy natural lighting; you just have to find a spot with lots of windows and minimal obstructions.

Taking these qualities into consideration will help you find an office space that gives you the perfect opportunity to be a highly productive individual. For help with finding the right office space for you, contact a commercial real estate company in your area.