Aethetics Versus Room: What Type Of Luxury Home Owner Do You Want To Be?

31 August 2016
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Luxury home builders operate on two construction models of luxury home building--size/room and aesthetics. As someone who wants to build and own a luxury home, you have to decide what kind of luxury homeowner you want to be. Here is a little more information on how these two types of luxury homes are typically constructed and/or designed. It should help you decide which type of luxury home to pursue with your luxury home builder.


Aesthetic luxury homeowners are those people who want their homes to be absolutely gorgeous. They want people to be in awe with both the exterior and interior visual features of the home. Homeowners who are more concerned with aesthetics request and demand that their home designers and architects create the most visually stunning home possible, or the most unique-looking luxury home possible. If this sounds like you and what you want out of a luxury home, you are probably an "aesthetics luxury home" person.


Homeowners who request luxury homes with massive dimensions are more concerned with getting a house with an immense size and massive amounts of room in every area of the house. They want a great room to be really great, and a grand foyer to be jaw-droppingly grand. Cathedral ceilings, multiple stories, and rooms that make the furniture look diminished in size is what this type of luxury home is about. This approach is all about air, light, and room to stretch out, as well as tons of room for someone that enjoys collecting items and filling spaces.

For example, you might build a luxury home that has a single open turret that is lined with shelves for the hundreds of books you own and collect. That would be just one of the many massive rooms in your home. These homeowners are less concerned with aesthetics because they will just hire an interior decorator to make the home look gorgeous and fill out the massive rooms with innumerable decorative touches.

So Which One Are You?

If you feel that you are both aesthetics and room/size, there is a middle ground. You simply design and build a luxury home for room/size, then hire an interior decorator to cover all of the aesthetics part inside the home. Not a whole lot can be done to the exterior of the home (unless you build a modern gothic castle), but the interior decorator can give the interior that "wow" factor visually. If you would prefer everything to be a little bit smaller and cozier, then you can focus more on constructing an aesthetic luxury home, adding details all over.

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