The Importance Of Staging Houses For Sale

17 August 2016
 Categories: Real Estate, Blog

Whether you're a homeowner looking to sell your house, or a real estate agent working hard to help a client find a buyer for their home, staging is of the utmost importance. Below you will discover exactly why staging the home is the most crucial step of the selling process.

Helps Buyers See Themselves in the Home

When staging a home, all personal items are removed. This includes family photos, team sport memorabilia, and anything else that speaks to a specific group of individuals. The reason for this is that you want buyers to see themselves in the home when they take the walk through. If, for example, the buyers are Miami Dolphins fans and you have Dallas Cowboys items throughout the home, this may prevent them from feeling like the house is their home. The can result in a lost sale.

Gives a Good Impression

Taking the time to stage homes for sale involves removing all clutter and organizing the rooms so that they have the most amount of space. When a client goes to buy a home, he or she will form a good or bad impression from the moment they walk in the front door. A de-cluttered and organized spaces is not only inviting, but it also gives the potential buyer the vibe that the house has been well cared for. 

Gets the House Sold Faster

The first place a buyer will see your home is on the realtor's website. Images of a staged home are going to attract more attention, which means a higher than average number of showings. At the showing, the interested parties will have the chance to see the beauty of the staging up close. A large number of showings is bound to result in an offer early on in the listing, which means homeowners will be able to sell their properties much faster than had they not used a staging strategy. 

Generates a Higher Price

There's a very good chance that the additional showings end up producing multiple offers. Sellers can use this to their advantage to actually sell their homes for more than what they were asking. The seller can counter back with a higher offer, or the realtor can allow a bidding war to ensue. The extra money may even be enough to cover the closing costs. 

Although the living room, kitchen, and master bedroom tend to be the most important rooms to stage, keep in mind that buyers will check every nook and cranny of your home for sale. That means you'll also want to organize closets, basements, and even your attic space. 

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