Selling Your Home? 4 Tips For Staging Your Bathroom

1 August 2016
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When selling your home, you'll be taking the time to stage your house so that it is shown in the best way possible. While you have many options for rearranging furniture in other rooms, you may not think there is much that can be done with a bathroom. These tips will help you stage a bathroom so that it is looking its best.

Perform A Deep Cleaning

The cleanliness of your home is a reflection on how you have taken care of it. That's why it's so important to spend time giving the bathroom a deep cleaning prior to any showing or open house. This even means cleaning between the vents on your bathroom exhaust fan, which is most likely filthy from years of neglect.

Pay attention to areas where you have potential mold growth. You may not be able to clean the white caulk around a shower door, so you will be better off replacing it completely so it looks its best to a potential buyer.

Brighten Up The Room

You should replace the light bulbs with the brightest wattage bulbs that your fixture allows. Bathrooms may not get the most natural light, especially if you have frosted windows, so adding more light in this way can be key to making it not seem dark and gloomy. It also helps to install more mirrors that will reflect light around your bathroom.

Remove Your Personal Items

Potential buyers will be going through your cabinets and drawers to see the storage you have in your bathroom. You should take time to remove all your personal items from the bathroom. Not only will it remove that bit of personalization that can be off-putting to a buyer, but it will also make the space look clean and roomy. For example, removing prescription bottles from a medicine cabinet will make it look like you are not running out of space. Just put everything away in a closet, and put them back when the showing is over.

Decorate Using Towels

Remember all those decorative towels that you have stashed away that are supposed to look nice and never be used? Now is the time to get them out of storage. Placing these nice-looking towels in the places where your every day towels typically go is a great way to decorate a bathroom with the limited options that you have.

For more bathroom staging tips, speak with your agent.

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