Are You A Meticulous Cleaner? 3 Features To Look At When Buying A Home

6 July 2016
 Categories: Real Estate, Blog

Whether you live in an apartment, condo, or single-family home, you should keep the place clean. Sometimes this only involves cleaning the interior, but it can also include exterior cleaning. In an apartment, these tasks are typically minimal, so it is easy to handle as someone who is a meticulous cleaner. Becoming a homeowner can have quite the impact because of the increased load of cleaning. So, it is best to look at features that will ensure you have an easier time maintaining a spotless home.


The kitchen countertops will likely receive a great deal of wear and tear over time, especially when you cook most of your meals at home and from scratch. It is crucial to prioritize kitchen countertops that are not going to cause you a lot of trouble in regard to cleaning and keeping it from being a germ hazard. Polished granite and concrete are two countertop materials that you can rely on for ease of cleaning.


The flooring in your home can have a substantial impact on how much time you spend with floor care. The areas that are most susceptible to problems include the kitchen and bathrooms, so you should prioritize the type of flooring in these rooms compared to the rest of the home. Some all-around winners are linoleum and ceramic tile, which gives you an inexpensive and luxurious option to choose from.

For the rest of the home, you should at least try to stay away from carpeting. Tile, hardwood, concrete, or laminate are all easier to maintain. Carpet requires vacuuming and deodorizing, and you have to be very careful of children, pets, and your own accidents as liquid spills and stains are common issues.


To keep your home clean, you can either work hard or work smarter. Working hard could include taking on any home, regardless of its cleanliness levels and keeping it hygienic through sheer effort alone. The windows may not seem that related, but they play a huge role in your home's sanitation. Old and drafty windows are naturally going to let dust and other particles into the home. Even with new windows, some types are most likely to have air leakage, which is all the space dust needs to get inside. The smart way to work is to look for windows known for minimal leakage in awning, hopper, and casement style.

When looking at homes, knowing what will allow for easy cleaning can ensure a happy ending.