3 Reasons To Rent A Mobile Home

20 June 2016
 Categories: Real Estate, Blog

Renting a mobile home is an option that is often overlooked by many people that are looking to rent a new home, which is a shame as there are some benefits provided by a mobile home rental that apartment rentals simply cannot match. Listed below are three reasons to consider renting a mobile home.


One of the biggest inconveniences about renting an apartment is that you will not really have much outdoor space aside from a balcony or patio, and some apartments don't even offer those amenities. The lack of private outdoor space can also be a bit of a problem if you have dogs and want to be able to play with them or let them outside to relieve themselves without having to worry about them running off or other dogs rushing them. 

However, most mobile home rentals will be sitting on a plot within a mobile home park that will typically have a yard of some kind. Depending on the park, these yards can range from relatively small plots to larger yards that would not be out of place for a small to a mid-sized house.


Another reason to consider renting a mobile home is that it will often be one of the most cost-effective rental properties that you can live in. The main reason for this is that the owners of these mobile homes will charge less per month for rent than an apartment because the mobile homes themselves will typically cost only a fraction of the price of a house, with the average sales price of $37,100 to $73,600. Due to this low purchase cost, many mobile home owner will charge you less than the cost of an apartment to rent the mobile home.


Finally, you should consider renting a mobile home if you want more space for your family than many apartments can provide. There are mobile home options available that have large floorplans that can easily accommodate large families comfortably. In fact, it is not uncommon to find mobile homes available that have substantially more square footage than the average apartment.

Contact your local real estate agent or office today in order to get assistance with finding mobile homes to rent in your area. Renting a mobile home is a great option that can provide you with a rental that has a yard while also being both less expensive and larger than an apartment. Visit http://davidmcdonaldrentals.net/ for more information.