Planning To Buy A Rental Property? 4 Ways To Maximize Your Profits

14 April 2016
 Categories: Real Estate, Blog

Buying your own home should involve a different set of rules and standards than buying a rental property. It is not about what you like on a personal level, but what will make the smartest investment. Thinking about profits ultimately includes everything, ranging from structural stability to curb appeal. When you are ready to purchase a rental property, you should know a few ways to maximize profits.

Look for Chances to Beautify

A home that has already gone through the process of improving its appearance is going to sell for more than a home that needs a serious cosmetic facelift. These homes will interest more people, so your room for negotiation will be slim, which makes it difficult to get your hands on a property at a low price. It is better to look for homes that are structurally sound, but do not look the most attractive. Once you own the property, you can invest in all sorts of inexpensive facelifts such as landscaping or painting the walls.

Focus on Basic Features

While you might like fancy features in a home, a rental property does not need to boast them. Motorized shades, modern appliances, and home automation are a few things that cost a lot, but do not help you as a rental property owner. These features require extra maintenance and demand extra careful tenants.

Low Property Taxes

From neighborhood to neighborhood, you are going to find houses with varying property taxes. Some homes are in great school systems, and as a result, have much higher property taxes. Ideally, you want to find properties located in safe neighborhoods, but with reasonable taxes. Even after paying your mortgage, you will have to continue paying these taxes, so you want them to be fairly low.

Enhance the Lighting

When you are taking pictures for your rental property, you want the place to look incredibly nice. One of the easiest ways to accomplish this goal is by improving the lighting. Switching to basic light fixtures and investing in LED bulbs will give you up to 50,000 hours of illumination and a lovely, bright white color. By opting for bright white, you can replicate what it looks like when sunlight is gleaming into the home.

Making the decision to buy a rental property should be done over a long period of time, mainly because it is such a large investment that requires a huge commitment. When you decide that it is the right choice, you should spend an equal amount of time finding ways to maximize your investment profits. Talk to a realty company, like Advanced Realty, for more help.