Combine Pet Cleanup With Selling Services To Enjoy Success With Selling Your Home

13 April 2016
 Categories: Real Estate, Blog

Buying a home is a tough process, but selling can be a little more challenging. In this situation, you are the one responsible for creating and staging a home that looks appealing to potential buyers. It is easy to miss out on buyers when you do not pay attention to every little detail that matters. One thing that you do not want to forget is that pets can have a negative impact on your ability to sell the home. Ideally, you should do a major cleanup to prevent other individuals from feeling negative about your property.

Get Carpet Cleaning to Eliminate Pet Odor

With lingering pet odor, a buyer may think that you do not care much about your property. It is not possible to completely prevent your home from having their odor at all times, but you can bring it to an absolute minimum right before selling your home with carpet cleaning and deodorizing services. In a pinch and before a scheduled showing, you can use a bit of baking soda to eliminate any leftover scents.

Remove Any Unnecessary Items

When you have people coming over to look at the home, you want it to look presentable. Cat trees, litter boxes, pet beds, and window perches are a few examples of items that you do not need to leave around. Since it is highly recommended to take your pets elsewhere while people visit the home, you can store these items in a specific area to bring out after a showing is over and your pets are back at home.

Find a Place for Emergency Daycare

Although most house tours will come with plenty of advanced notice, there will also be uncertain times. Instead of settling for having one or all of your pets stay in your home when you are showing the property to a motivated buyer, you should find a place that you can take them in such situations. If you do not have any place to go, you can always take your pet for a long walk or drive in you car.

Make Sure Your Landscape Is in Good Condition

With cats and dogs, but dogs especially, you may have some issues in the backyard. Dog urine naturally kills grass, but you need to make a positive impression on buyers and a poor lawn is not going to help. Finding a new place for your dog to relieve themselves while you are selling your home is the best course of action, mainly because you cannot prevent your dog from going to the bathroom the whole time.

Cleaning up your home to minimize or eliminate the sign of pets is an excellent step into using real estate selling services to get your property on the market and ready for showings. Contact a company like Plaza Realty for more information.