5 Ways To Make A Furnished Luxury Apartment Feel Like Home

5 April 2016
 Categories: Real Estate, Blog

If you are moving into a furnished luxury apartment, you can still make it feel like your own. Here are a few tips that will help you make your furnished apartment feel more like your home. 

#1 Move The Furniture Around

Just because the apartment is furnished does not mean that you can't move things around. Adjust the furniture so that it suits your style and needs more. Maybe that nightstand would make a perfect end table for the living room, or perhaps you would prefer that the couch look out toward the window instead of where the television is located. 

Invite a friend over and have them assist you with moving around the furniture to create an environment that feels cosier and natural to you. Don't be afraid to move furniture around from one room to another, as well as within the room where it is located.

#2 Ask What Can Be Changed

Often times, furnished apartment's belongings are not set in stone. If you feel like there is too much furniture in your apartment or a few pieces that you just don't like, ask the landlord if those pieces could be removed from your apartment.

If you are renting from a property management company that rents the furniture it uses in its furnished apartments, you may even be able to exchange a few of the pieces in your apartment with the rental company for ones that suit your style more.

#3 Add A Few Personal Mementos 

In order to make your new apartment feel more like home, put out a few personal mementos around your apartment. For example, if you collect seashells or giraffes, put a few up throughout your apartment. Additionally, put out a few picture frames around the apartment as well. Seeing pictures of your family and friends will make your furnished apartment feel more homey.

#4 Put Up Some Artwork

Just because it is a furnished apartment does not mean you can't add some artwork. Purchase removable adhesive and use it to hang pictures and posters on your walls. You can even purchase small sayings that you can put on your walls and peel off when you leave. 

#5 Add A Cozy Touch Of Color

Finally, add a little cozy touch of color to your living room and bedroom with your own blankets. If you own a few throw blankets or like to use your own bedding, these are two great and easy ways to make your apartment feel more cozy and personalized. 

The key is creating a cozy and personal furnished apartment to work with what is there and add little personal touches that will not break the bank.