3 Mistakes People Make When Receiving An Estimate From Moving Companies

21 March 2016
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When it comes to moving from one place to another, hiring movers is extremely convenient. This is going to ensure that you have the help you need to make the move quick and free up your own time to focus on other matters of the move, such as changing your address. In order to find the right movers for the best cost, you are going to want to receive estimates. Here are three common mistakes people make when doing this:

Automatically Hiring the Cheapest Company: 

The problem with automatically hiring the cheapest company is that you don't truly know if you are going to get your money's worth. There is a chance that the moving company you hire is not going to provide some of the services you need. On top of this, the moving company may also not provide insurance on your belongings, meaning that if they are damaged during the moving process, you are going to have to pay out of pocket for them. Instead of hiring the most affordable company right away, double check that they truly do provide the services you need. 

​Not Receiving an In-Home Estimate: 

Many people believe that once they receive the estimate from the moving company they want to hire, that is definitely going to be the price you pay. However, this is not always the case, especially if the job is bigger than the moving company anticipated. It's best to have the movers come out for an in-home estimate before the day of the move. This gives them the time to determine how big the job is and whether or not the first estimate is going to remain the same or be slightly increased. 

Not Asking About Extra Costs: 

On the day of the move, the moving company may tack on some additional fees to your overall bill for their services. You want to be sure that you ask what these fees are so you can do what you can to avoid them. For example, if boxes aren't packed when the movers arrive, they will probably charge more for their time to wait for these boxes to be packed. Movers can also charge an additional fee if they have to park a good distance away from your home because there was no ample parking elsewhere.

By avoiding these three common mistakes, you can be sure that your move goes smoothly and you end up paying a fair price for the cost of hiring movers. Contact a business, such as Bekins Van Lines Inc, for more information.