3 Reasons To Remove Popcorn Ceilings Before Selling Your Home

10 March 2016
 Categories: Real Estate, Blog

Trying to sell your home without doing any work is likely a mistake unless you are able to keep your property spotless. Thorough preparation is just part of the home selling process, and it is a smart one because it will help you start off with a higher asking price, sell it faster, and get an excellent appraisal. Removing popcorn ceilings is not something that will drastically increase the actual asking price, but it can make a noticeable difference in how much appeal your home has to potential buyers.

Eliminate Asbestos Risk

Although you could remove popcorn ceilings on your own, it can take longer than it is worth. A drywall contractor is perfect for this service, but if you have a ceiling from before the 1980s, you should get a professional asbestos inspection to determine whether it has asbestos in the material. In this situation, hiring an asbestos abatement professional is the safest method of removal.

If your home is an ideal choice for families, with 3 to 4 bedrooms and 2 to 3 bathrooms, you want to do everything you can to appeal to these home buyers. An asbestos-free property is a great way to make buyers with both children and pets feel comfortable about the prospect of living in your home.

Get Rid of an Eyesore

While you might find a few people that think popcorn ceilings are attractive, they are typically seen as an unattractive feature. A beautifully staged home can instantly lose its appeal as soon as people see that every room has popcorn ceilings, so removal is the most effective way to eliminate this eyesore. 

Maintain a Clean Look

One of the issues with these ceilings is that they are so hard to keep clean. The rough texture makes it easy for dirt and dust to get stuck as well as hard to clean. The last thing you want is for people to look at a clean home, only to notice that the ceiling is no longer white, but an off-white shade from being dirty.

While painting it would make it look okay, the texture makes it challenging to paint over. Also, if the ceiling has any damage from an accident or mounting something from the ceiling, it is not an easy thing to fix.

When you remove your popcorn ceilings and get a flat ceiling, you no longer have to worry about this feature causing problems with selling your home, especially to those with families. For more information, contact companies offering real estate selling services in your area.