Your Role As A Buyer In The House-Hunting Process

1 March 2016
 Categories: Real Estate, Blog

Your real estate agent might be great at their job, but there is a huge part of house hunting that falls on the buyer. While your real estate agent will have access to homes fresh on the market and disclosures to help with your search, there are things that you can do to help narrow down your search  as well. Here are four things that you should take on as the buyer to help with house hunting.

1. Go to Open Houses

Checking out open houses in potential neighborhoods will help you understand the current market, see what is available in your area, and see what is affordable at your price range. While you aren't going to love every home you see, seeing a wide variety of homes will help you have a better understanding of what you like and what you don't like.

2. Let Your Real Estate Agent Know if You Change Your Mind

There is nothing wrong with changing your home search parameters along the way by narrowing down your price range or search area. Be sure to keep your real estate agent in the loop so that they can keep this in mind when they are looking for properties for you. It would be a waste of your time and your real estate agent's time if you've ruled out an area and are still receiving updates on potential homes.

3. Use Your Agent's Suggestions to Hone Your Search

When you first meet with your real estate agent, they will have a lot of general advice and ideas to help with house hunting. As time goes on, your real estate agent might find homes that are a little different than your must-have list, but try to have an open mind. There are features in homes that might offer the same needs that your real estate agent might see that you didn't. Something like a detached garage might be able to be converted into a studio or rec room, which would actually work for your specific needs.

4. Be Available and Reachable for Updates

In some markets, homes move fast so it is important to be in constant contact with your real estate agent. If you find a home you love at a Sunday open house, you may have to rush to get your offer in quickly. Having your real estate agent on speed dial is important in case they need to reach you for updates or changes, especially in the offer and closing process.

Even an expert real estate agent can't do their job well without some assistance from the buyer. House hunting can be both a stressful and emotional experience, but making sure you are doing your homework and you are an active participant in the experience is important.

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