Retiring? Points To Consider When Choosing A Retirement Community

30 October 2017
 Categories: Real Estate, Blog

When the kids are grown and retirement is on the horizon many homeowners begin to look ahead to selling the large family home and buying a home that will be easier to manage and maintain. A popular option with many empty-nesters is a retirement community, where owners are typically aged 55 or older, but still lead an active life. If you are a homeowner who is considering moving to a retirement community after selling your home, the following information can help you choose the best one for your needs and lifestyle. 

Location is of primary importance

One of the first questions to ask when considering a retirement community is location. This is important for many reasons, including: 

  • maintaining close proximity to grandchildren, relatives, or friends you will want to visit with frequently
  • having close proximity to activities and opportunities that will continue to enhance your lifestyle (for example, an avid golfer will want access to a well-appointed golf course or beach enthusiasts will want to live near a lake or sea shore)
  • having easy access to basic daily needs, such as grocery shopping, restaurants, and vehicle fuel
  • ensuring close proximity to adequate health care, including any specialized care needs you may currently have or expect to have as you age

In addition, when deciding on a location, it is also important to determine what type of climate and terrain you want or need to live in before making a final decision.

On-site options offer more benefits

Once you have chosen a general location in which to search for the best retirement community option for your needs, it is time to look closely at the on-site options provided by each one. Many retirement communities offer an array of services that can help to make the aging process easier, such as on-site nursing services, exercise facilities, and assistance with cleaning, maintenance, or other basic needs. 

Additionally, those considering a retirement community will want to also observe the residents and get a feel for how they interact. Retirement communities that help residents enjoy a feeling of community by hosting periodic dinners, guest performers, or outings may have a more welcoming feel than those that do not.  

Visitor policies are important for a good fit

Lastly, before deciding on any residential retirement community, take time to verify their policy on guests. Prospective buyers who have grandchildren will want to be sure that age restrictions will not affect their ability to host their children and grandchildren as overnight guests. 

To learn more about downsizing into a retirement community, partner with a local real estate professional who is experienced in helping homeowners select and purchase homes in residential retirement communities