4 Common Bed Bug Myths

14 March 2016
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Bed bugs can be a true pain. Not only can they be annoying, they can also be difficult to get rid of and decrease the general health of your living space. Not everything that you've heard about bed bugs is true, however. Numerous myths about bed bugs have arisen over the years. Throughout the course of this brief article, a few of those bed bug myths will be deflated. 

Bed Bugs Can Only Thrive in Dirty Houses

Bed bugs can thrive in almost any situation. The cleanliness (or lack thereof) is not indicative of the fact whether you will receive bed bugs or not. It is recommended, however, that you keep your rooms free of clutter. This is because, in the case that there is a bed bug infestation in your house, they will have less places to hide and make their home.

Bite Marks Always Indicate Bed Bug Infestations

Although it is true that bed bugs bite, many other insects do, as well. Bite marks are not a clear indication that you may be suffering from a bed bug infestation. Mosquitoes, fleas, ticks, and ants can all take a bit of your flesh while you slumber. The true mark of a bed bug infestation is the presence of bed bug eggs.

You Must Rid Yourself of All Your Furniture and Clothes after an Infestation

There is a bit of truth in this myth, but it is largely false. You do not have to get rid of your clothes at all. Simply take them to the laundromat or you laundry room at home, wash them, and then dry them. Your clothes should be entirely salvageable. Your furniture should be mostly salvageable. There are washes, ointments, and treatments available that can save aspects of your furniture, but it is generally too risky to save pieces like couches and reclining chairs. They simply have too many nooks and crannies where bed bugs can infest and lay their eggs with impunity.

You Can Only Find Bed Bugs in Your Bed

This is simply untrue. There is a reason why you will find bed bugs mainly in beds. They do like to feast on human blood and they are present mainly in the dark. Therefore, a bed is a primary hunting spot in ideal conditions for the bed bug. You can find bedbugs all throughout your house, however.

Hopefully this brief guide has shed a bit of light onto some common misconceptions about the dreaded bedbug. Discover more on the topic and how you can rid yourself of these pests by speaking with an exterminator.